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Canadian Shotguns for Sale

This section is the home of shotguns in Canada. This page will be your source for purchasing shotguns in Canada. For now, you can browse the articles and information on the many different types of shotguns available to buy in Canada
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Pump-Action Shotguns

In this section, we have Pump Action Shotguns of all gauges

Pump Action shotguns are reliable, fast shooting, easy to reload and generally are easy to maintain. They seldom jam.

Semi-Automatic Shotguns

Semi Automatic Shotguns are as popular in Canada as ever. I love the Benellis (but they are a bit steep in price). For more budget conscious folks, I would recommend the Mossberg 500, or a Remington offering. Many semi-automatic shotguns are prone to jamming, but they are unsurpassed in firing speed (if you are looking for more reliability in general, see our list of pump or our list of break shotguns).

Break Action (Hinge) Shotguns

Single shot or double barrel, we are the source for all break shotguns in Canada. Hinge action shotguns are basically the most realiable shotguns. They are virtually impossible to jam and require little maintenance given their simplistic action. They are, however, slow to reload and have very small capactity (one or two shells). They are also often very inexpensive if you are on a very strict budget. At the same time, they are also the most expensive shotguns in that certain limited production or rare break actions have high collector value.

Below is a short list of shotguns we haven't reviewed yet

Canada Guns Home

We will be a dealer of Canadian shotguns and other firearms and apparel. Some of these guns are a tad more expensive than others, we will let you know if the price difference is worth it with great shotgun reviews and more.

Coming soon: Our shotgun buyer's guide. Prices, what to look for, where to look and more!