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Blaser Shotguns

Blaser dealers worldwide are found in Canada.  This is because Canada is inhabited by people who have passion for hunting either four legged animals or birds.  The design criteria which always guide the manufacturing priniciple of Blaser are safety, accuracy, reliability, huntability and versatility.  Blaser are manufacturers of bolt action rifles, double rifles, precision rifles,single shot rifles, combination guns, drillings, and shotguns. Blaser manufacturer always gives priority to the safety of hunters as reliability of their rifles are provided together with easy handling and comfort. 

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The Blaser shotgun has been manufactured as a model which is designed to assure technical and ergonomic  features for the preference of users.  This is the Project F3.  The Inertial  Block System ( IBS), Balancer System, Ejection Ball System (EBS) and Combi Safety are characteristics which made Blaser   once again claim its lead position in technological manufacture, only this time with Blaser shotgun.

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The IBS allows the inline striker and firing pin to make an accurate shot.  Plus a simple barrel selection is located in front of the trigger.  The Balancer System allows individual adjustments of the weight distribution affected by wood density, length of pull and sometimes by the comb and recoil pad.  The bore design provides high muzzle velocity with moderate recoil and homogeneous shot pattern.  The EBS allows the shooter to concentrate on shooting.  The Combi Safety combines trigger safety and safety striker catch system.

Wood selection among ten grades of  Turkish wood.  And a choice between the Briley Spectrum extended screw in choke flush to muzzle and the unlimited steel proof Titanium Spectrum extended screw in choke. 

F3 Blaser shotguns come in various models. F3 Game is known for its neutral balance.  F3 Competition Sporting and F3 Competition Trap can be used for various events.  F3 Game Competition which quickly defines balance.  And the F3 Super Trap Combo is one with the perfect blend of weight, balance and weight distribution.

There are Blaser hand engraved shotguns which are great for hunting ducks, pheasants, grey or red partridges, woodcocks, hares and foxes.  They have fine English Scroll as a partial filling on the action, top lever, trigger guard and on the iron forearm.   Wood category ranges from 6 to 9.

Shotgun cases come in three makes.  The ABS Shotgun Case is made of leather, double-skinned with lock.  There are special compartments for screw in chokes, shooting glasses and other accessories.  Made of reddish brown leather, brass fittings and elegant design,  the F3 Leather Case is available for a single or a pair of shotguns.  Combination locks and additional document sections are provided.  This case is handmade and customized.  Similar to F3 Leather Case is another case made of oak and leather.  Some other accessories are caps, bags and vest.

Some users claim that using a Blaser shotgun does not require the eye and hand coordination skills necessary when using a shotgun. This has increased its popularity as more shooters agree that they have been displaying better performance each and every time.