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Baikal Shotguns

Baikal is a world renowned trademark in the manufacturing industry of shotguns, rifles and combos, pistols and sporting guns, air rifles and air pistols. IZH Impex Inc. is exclusively distributing in Canada the Russian firearms produced by Izhevsky Mechanichesky Zavod. Affordability, reliability and shooting features is what made Baikal the most owned shotguns.

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The unique impregnation and tough surface finish make the guns allow the use to the harshest weather. There are several models of Baikal shotguns available in Canada. There are the single barrel shotguns, over and under shotguns, side by side classic hunting shotguns and semi automatic shotgun

More About Baikal

The IZH-18 EM-M single barrel shotguns are compact, light and effective which are used by beginners.  Plain, inexpensive and with rubber butt plate.  Has rebounding hammer which must be cocked by the locking lever feature.  Rapid reloading is possible with an ejector enabling or disabling it by an under receiver located lever.  Similarly, there is the IZH-18 Sporting with shock absorbing butt plate, nickel plated receiver, ported barrel, wide rib and fluorescent sights.

There are several Baikal over and under  shotguns which comes in a single trigger  allowing less impact on hammer release. Good balance provides  quick aiming using a single sighting plane. All Magnum options are equipped with a reinforced lock unit.  Other features include conventional closing action, vent rib barrel, auto selective ejectors and auto tang safe.  There is the Over and Under Shotgun and the Over and Under Shotgun (Nickel Receiver) which has a  machined steel receiver. There is a sporting  model for the Nickel Receiver    with ported barrel, wide rib, fluorescent sights and shock-absorbing butt plate.  The over and under shotguns have earn titles and trophies in trap,  skeet and Olympics.

The Side by Side Classic Hunting Shotgun with single trigger action allows sequential firing for both barrels, the balance ensure quick aiming, chrome lined hammer forged barrel.  Other features are the deep blued and machine steel receiver, auto selective ejector and tang safety, box lock action and solid rib.  There is the Side by Side Classic Hunting Shotgun, the Side by Side Classic Hunting Shotgun (Nickel Receiver) and the Side by Side Classic Hunting Shotgun (Coach).  The Side by Side Classic Hunting Shotgun (Coach) features are chrome lined hammer forged barre,  machined steel receiver and manually cocked cocking levers.

The Super Magnum Semi-Auto Shotgun is a semi automatic smoothbore  with a gas operated system ensuring trouble  free all load  versatility.  The under barrel tube magazine has an advanced shell feed cut off system.  The hammer type trigger group prevents the shooting if the gun is not fully locked.  Some owners of this shotgun claimed that it has never jammed since it was bought.  Extreme weather never affected its performance.  The shotgun shoots where it is aimed.  Dictates a  good price for an automatic shotgun.

The sales of Baikal Shotguns through out  Canada is being  supported by partners representing various business entities. A proof that Baikal shotguns has a niche in it field of expertise.