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Winchester 1200 Shotgun

The Winchester 1200 is a pump action tube fed shotgun manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms company. It comes in various gauges and was once used by the US military. It was decended by the Winchester 1300 shotgun and is no longer in production.
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Country of Origin: USA
Countries of Manufacture:
: 12 Gauge, 16, 20 guages
Fire Type:
Pump Shotgun
Legal Classification*:


It was replaced by the Winchester 1300 and was completely stopped being manufactured in 2006. It is a fine weapon and a firearm that would be a welcome addition to many collections. Aka the Winchester defender

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We hope to buy and sell many of these used shotguns in the future. As a potential dealer, we find that these guns are a great option for hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike.



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