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Benelli Nova and other Benelli Shotguns

The Benelli Nova is a popular Italian made pump-action shotgun. The Super Nova is a newer variation of the same gun. Below we will give details on the Nova and try to provide some insight relating to other Benelli shot guns. SEE: other Benelli shotguns

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Country of Origin: Italy
Year of Origin:
Countries of Manufacture:
12 gauge, 16 gage, 20 gauge, .410 bore shotgun
Fire Type:
pump action shotgun
Legal Classification*:
Approximate Value:
500-4000 depending on which shotgun and condition



The Nova comes as the following variants: hunting, tactical and Super Nova. Each has its obvious, self-evident intentions. This shotgun is a very popular pump, but this author prefers the Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500 for price and reliability.

Where to buy

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The Nova in all its glory


Below is a list of the other Benelli shotguns that we hope to sell in the near future.


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